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Hydrometric flowmeter RGVTS 1


RGVTS hydrometric flowmeters with OUTS1 (hereinafter - hydrometric flowmeters) are intended for water flow metering in open flows (water channels) to control water consumption during water allocation to Uzbekistan waterworks facilities.

The main feature of hydrometric flowmeters is their stand-alone use.


The hydrometric flowmeters can be used for 0.04 m/s to 3 m/s water flow metering in open flows (water channels).

The hydrometric flowmeters meet requirements to protection and insulation grade.

The hydrometric flowmeters consist of the following main components:

  • Flowmeter housing
  • Directional stabilizer
  • Carriage with switching appliance and blade propeller
  • Signal counter

The hydrometric flowmeters housing meets protection and insulation requirements.

The hydrometric flowmeters housing has a firm and stable base



  • Hydrometric flowmeters range of water flow metering in open flows (water channels): 0.04 m/s to 3 m/s.
  • Rated low-order scale division of hydrometric flowmeters: 0.001 m/s.
  • Number of induced discharged of hydrometric flowmeters: 4
  • Temperature of metered water flow: + 1 °С to + 30 °С.
  • Hydrometric flowmeters dimensions: 120 mm х 560 mm.
  • Net weight: max. 7 kg

Electronics parameters:

  • Standard galvanic battery operating voltage (9 ± 1.8) V.

Wrench for hydrometric flowmeters


Wrench for hydrometric flowmeters (hereinafter – wrench) is intended for water flow metering from pontoons or boats, from a center of a river channel or reservoir.


Wrench is a portable auxiliary device and can be used under the following conditions:

  • Ambient air temperature: 0 °С to + 50 °С
  • Relative humidity: up to 95%
  • Water temperature: 0 °С to+ 40 °С.

Wrench dimensions without arm, max.: 200 mm х 600 mm x 450mm.
Wrench arm reach from boat or pontoon board, max.: 1,3 m.
wrench capacity, max.: 29 kg
Length of wrench crank arm, max.: 209 mm.
Length of paid out wrench cable per 1 crank rotation, max. 300 mm.
Wrench steel cable diameter, max.: 2,5 mm.
Wrench cable working length, max.: 20 m.
wrench box dimensions, max.: 300mm x 300mm x 550 mm
Galvanic coatings shall correspond to GOST 9.301.