Executing mechanisms position sensor DPM 1

The DPM 1 sensors are intended for metering of executive mechanisms (waterworks valves) stroke, with generation of electrical signals after reaching of any two set positions of mechanism (valve), as well as for remote transfer of measured values. Sensors can be used both with other automaticdatchik polozheniya ispolnitelnyh mehanizmov dpm 1 control system devices and as an independent device.


Mechanisms position metering range: 0 to 4 meters.

Acceptable basic measuring error tolerance, centimeters:

  • for local metering ± 1 • for remote metering ± 1

Additional measuring error, centimeters:

  • at the temperature +30 °С: ± 0.7 • at the temperature +50 °С: ± 0.6

Number of signaling devices for set mechanism positions 2

Basic response tolerance of signaling devices: ±10

Additional response tolerance of signaling devices within operating temperatures range: 0.5 of basic error value

Output capacity of signaling devices contacts: current 2А at voltage 220 V ± 10%

Input value of mechanism (valve) linear movement sensor

Output sensor value:

  • cyclic reflected binary code at the transmission transducer output.

Code structure:

  • 5 places/decade – according to local counter (scale) decimal unit-counting code.

Number of decades: -3.