1. Since 1976, Promstroyenergoproekt, LLC (previously, Uzvodpriboravtomatika Design and Production Engineering Office) renders to Ministry for Agricultural and Water Management of the Republic of Uzbekistan services related to regular taring of hydrometric equipment: both digital and mechanical dipsticks/float-level gauges and flow meters for open channels.

Besides, Promstroyenergoproekt, LLC manufactures and implements suites of КЛС-1, КЛС-2, КЛС-3; СТМ; КТМ telecontrol systems; Sapfir and Temir remote monitoring and management instruments.

2. Based on license for designing of extra-hazardous and hazardous production facilities (5th category of difficulty) issued by Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan to our Company, we have a permit and are entitled to explorations and development of design and estimate documentation for Uzbekistan petrochemical and mining productions as well as construction sector with electric power supply systems of voltage class up to 110 kV.

3. Specialists of Promstroyenergoproekt, LLC are experienced in joint project development, mounting, high-voltage testing and adjustment of high-mountain 2х2500/110/6 Altan electrical substation (over 2200 m above sea level) for mining production. The project provides construction of a 110 kV switchyard (manufactured by TASHELEKTROSHCHIT, OJSC Joint Company) with VGT 110 sulphur hexafluoride switches (Uralelektrotyazhmash, OJSC), 2 ТМН 2500/110/6 transformers (manufactured by Zaporozhskiy transformatornyy zavod, OJSC), and 6 kV indoor switchgear (ufactured by TASHELEKTROSHCHIT, OJSC Joint Company).